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Package     Effective Revenue Management

We will reinvent the way you think about guest experience

We'll show you how to develop multiple revenue streams

Your marketing team will know what to really sell

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You will uncover the true value sponsors want

You will manage your sales pipeline like a pro

Your marketing plan will become a clear road map

You'll learn how to secure partner marketing approvals

Package   2   Detailed Planning Management

You'll be able to sit back and enjoy event meetings

We will expertly secure every permit and permission

You'll have a search-able database of all materials & costs

You'll learn the best way to orchestrate event staff

We'll deliver true, professional grade site plans

We'll show you how process prevents loose ends

You'll know every major event day tasks before it happens

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Package   3   Flawless Production Management

Watch us execute your event, from your smartphone

You'll deliver the value that each sponsor wanted

You'll deliver an event that surprised guests & gave them joy

You'll learn how to capture your work & build your story

You'll collect eye opening survey & recap information

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Package   4   Best-In-Class Race Timing (Runs Only)

We'll manage your entire packet pickup

We'll manage your packet pickup & customer service

You'll have fast, accurate runner results on race day

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We will open runner registration and manage all runner data

You'll get custom & creatively designed race bibs

Package   5   Launch Your Own Virtual Event

We'll create a new Challenge tied to your cause or industry

We'll launch your brand and website

We'll customize your scoring & help desk software

You'll reach an entirely new audience

All Virtual Events include Package 1 thru 3

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